A Little About Us

Who We Are

Warrior Rounds was founded by J.T. Cooper, a Blackhawk Down veteran, who experienced PTSD when he returned home from combat.  He credited music as a large contributor to his recovery, and he wanted to create a place where other veterans can experience the power of music in their lives. He quickly became an advocate for military based charities and organizations. Cooper’s country music career also introduced him to many talented Nashville songwriters that became his friend.  It only became natural  to combine his passion to help his fellow veterans with his network of talented musicians.  In 2018, Warrior Rounds was born and has already helped near 50 veterans tell their story.  Warrior Rounds recently released their first studio album that you can purchase here.

Since 2018


Our Mission

We create helpful and healing retreat environments for veterans to attend.  While at the retreat, they are partnered with their songwriter.  Once the veteran tells their story, often for the first time ever, the songwriter begins crafting their story into a song.  This serves as a form of “music therapy” that creates a unique way for the veteran to connect with their story and practice sharing it with others in a creative outlet.

Our Vision

In Nashville, there is a long-standing tradition where a group of songwriters perform a “round” by taking turns performing the songs they’ve written.  Our songwriters perform a “round” of the warrior songs written at our retreats in front of a live audience.  Then the footage of that show is turned into a TV show that feels a little bit like “The Voice” meets “Extreme Home Makeover”. This celebrates the warrior’s stories and reminds the world what sacrifice has been paid for our freedom.


The Retreats

There’s something special that happens when you bring real American heroes who’ve served our country together in one place.  The stories begin almost instantly when we kick off our retreats, and we’ve noticed that connection happens just as quickly.  This connection and feeling of “belonging” is the foundation of the songs we create.


Live Shows

It’s truly a work of art to see our songwriters transform a story into a song.  Our live show looks like an art gallery where the songs come to light for the first time.  The energy of the crowd watching the video introductions to the song and then experiencing them is electric.  We hope you’ll experience a show for yourself.  Go here to see our show schedule.


TV Show

There’s nothing like attending one of our live shows, but watching the TV Show comes pretty close.  We’re able to take the footage from the retreat and blend it with the live performance to create a viewing experience that is both patriotic and entertaining.  If you’re looking for a “feel good” show to enjoy, check out past episodes here.


The Stories

At the heart of what we do at Warrior Rounds is the story.  Our story creates our identity.  When we know our identity we clearly understand who we are.  To help veterans remember who they are, and connect with their story is our great work.  We’re honored to serve those that have served us.  You can be a part of this mission by donating here.


One Warrior's Story, One Song at a Time

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