The Stories

While Army team leader Chris Dever was wounded and bleeding during his mission, he prayed that God would let him meet his baby son that he learned about two days before. “God keep me alive long enough to see my son be born…”
The Krajefska kids are from a Gold Star family. They wrote this beautiful song called “Pictures” to honor their Dad who struggled with PTSD.
Decorated veteran, John Reitzel, served for 28 years and saw many things during his time in the military.  “That deep dark hole in your chest for the people that you lost…” was one of the things he talked about during the retreat.
Matt Bein tells his story of an explosion in Afghanistan and the struggles he faced after coming home from his service.
Sam Rhodes led US Army units that lost 37 soldiers in battle. That eventually took such a toll on him that he considered taking his own life.
This Army Nurse was deployed during the Gulf War. She came in contact with a Mom who had walked miles through the jungle just to get their child a toothbrush.  When Ginger found the Mom, she was in tears because the toothbrushes had run out.