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What does a warrior mean to you? 


war·ri·or (/ˈwôrēər/) – a person engaged in some struggle or conflict


Notice how, in the standard and widely accepted definition, a warrior is going through anything challenging. Observe how it does not qualify or distinguish battles from one another. It does not require a certain amount of sweat, tears, or bloodshed to classify someone as a warrior. This is the belief we hold and the value we place on everyone who walks in our door. 

Hi. We’re Warrior Rounds, and we believe that everyone has a story to tell. We pair warriors with songwriters to help tell those stories to memorialize them and to help the healing process take place with the art of music and song. Because of our founder JT Cooper’s background and many of the stories we’ve told so far, we focus a lot on Veterans. But as the above would suggest, we think everyone has been through something. A warrior is someone who has been through it and showed incredible strength. However, being familiar with difficult times, we also understand that overwhelming strength can come with its battles. 

JT often talks about the importance of battle buddies. He says that in the military, along with the kinship that is already so naturally important in that environment, battle buddies are some of the most critical relationships you can have, both overseas and here at home. The “here at home” part is the challenge. In his experience, having someone to talk to and go to stateside was the most significant help to him and the most prominent piece of advice he continues to tell others. If you’ve had the privilege of meeting JT, you’ve likely heard him say this. Furthermore, even if he doesn’t know you, he’ll offer to be yours. 

In this series of blog posts and articles, we’re going to talk about Warrior Rounds, getting through things, learning more about this organization, information that might prove helpful, and, overall, real things. In a world where everything has gotten more complicated, we plan to keep it genuine, simple and celebrate the grit within the grace. 

We’re happy you’re here. We want to be your battle buddies. 

Some things to get you started: 

Warrior Rounds Songbook Album 1 – listen to the music from our first Volume of Warrior Rounds. It will give you an idea of what we do. 


The Stories on our Youtube – These match up with songs and stories from the album. 


Written by Alexis Wilkins- performer and contributor to Warrior Rounds.  You can learn more about Alexis at https://www.alexiswilkins.com/

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